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Shiba Blaster Inu aims to deliver the most stable and sustainable cryptocurrency of all time to put an end to price volatility and rug pull. $SHIBI achieves the stability through deflationary mechanism to keep the demand-supply curve intact. $SHIBI also supports burning. Burning is a fairly simple concept in the crypto space where the tokens are sent to the black hole addresses (addresses whose private keys are not known). Thus they are separated from circulation, creating a demand. Also, in phase 1 of Shiba Blaster Inu's roadmap, 15% of the total supply is burnt. $SHIBI also implements weekly manual burning of 0.1%.


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Coinscope & Pinksale

Pancakeswap Liquity

Liquidity Lock With pink Sale platform for 5 Years


2% HOLDER Rewards HOLDR rewards are similar to dividends in the stock market. A 2% fee charged on all non-buy transactions allows the reward balance to accumulate. The result gets distributed to all HOLDRs.
4% Auto Burning Shiba Blaster INU burns tokens regularly and automatically to maintain its deflationary status. All non-buy transactions get charged a 4% fee. The accumulated tokens are removed from the total supply forever.
3% Marketing As great as Shiba Blaster INU can be, it cannot grow without promotion. For that reason, all non-buy transactions get charged another 3% fee for marketing Shiba Blaster INU to grow our community.
4% Automatic Liquidity As the liquidity pool for Shiba Blaster INU grows, so does its liquidity and its hedge against price fluctuations. Equipped with a 4% transaction fee on all non-buy transactions, the pool for Shiba Blaster INU can always keep growing.


Total Supply

30,000,000,000 SHIBI

Private Sale(10%) & Public Sale(25%) 35%-----------------------------------------10,500,000,000 SHIBI
Initial Burn 15%-----------------------------------------4,500,000,000 SHIBI
Staking & VR Games, NFT Metaverse 20%-----------------------------------------6,000,000,000 SHIBI
Marketing & Development 15%-----------------------------------------4,500,000,000 SHIBI
Liquidity 10%------------------------------------------3,000,000,000 SHIBI
Airdrop 5%-------------------------------------------1,500,000,000 SHIBI


Play to Earn
NFT Metaverse


Our steps to success.
Phase 1
  • Website Launch
  • Smart Contract Deployment
  • Whitepaper release
  • 10K Community Members
  • Private Sale
  • Public Sale (IDO)
  • Liquidity Lock with Pink Sale
  • Burn 20% of Total Supply
Phase 2
  • Smart Contract Audit
  • 20K Community Members
  • Coinmarketcap + Coingecko Listing
  • Growth, Promotions, Awareness
  • Influencer Marketing
  • 50,000 Community Members
Phase 3
  • Decentralized DAO Voting System
  • High Profile Partnerships
  • Increased HODL Incentives
  • Top 100 crypto by Marketcap
Phase 4
  • Smart COntract on Polygon Chain
  • Launchpad
  • Nextgen NFTs
  • VR Games
  • Crypto Outreach Program
  • Top 50 crypto by Marketcap


All buys and sells of SHIBi on PancakeSwap have a 11% fee
Total Supply 30,000,000,000 SHIBI
HardCap 600 BNB
Private Sale Allocation 100 BNB
Pink Sale Allocation 500 BNB
Initial & Weekly Burn 5 & 0.1%
Private Sale Price 30,000,000 SHIBI / BNB
PinkSale Price 15,000,000 SHIBI / BNB
Listing Price 13,500,000 SHIBI / BNB

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